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Episode 222

feat. Lisa Hale

Specsavers: Giving Your Social Media Strategy 2023 Vision | Lisa Hale, Specsavers

Episode 220

feat. Carmella Boykin

The Washington Post: Making TikToks to Tell the News | Carmella Boykin, The Washington Post

Episode 218

feat. Billy Jones

Hootsuite: How to Cure Creative Block With Artificial Intelligence | Billy Jones, Hootsuite

Episode 216

feat. Shannon Jennings

The Very Group: How to Command Influence in 2023 | Shannon Jennings,

Episode 214

feat. Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland: How Businesses Should Cater to the Neurodivergent | Rory Sutherland, Ogilvy

Episode 212

feat. Louise Richardson

Pinterest Predicts: What Advertisers’ Crystal Ball Reveals For 2023 | Louise Richardson, Pinterest

Episode 210

feat. Richard Cook

Monzo: What Makes People Want to Follow Their Bank on Social | Richard Cook, Monzo

Episode 208

feat. Vikki Ross

Vikki Ross: How to Build a Brand With Words | Vikki Ross Writes

Episode 206

feat. Sue Fennessy

WeAre8: An Argument for One More Social Media Platform | Sue Fennessy, WeAre8

Episode 204

feat. Sophie Trinder

Twitter: Brand Behaviour Has Become Bland Behaviour | Sophie Trinder, Twitter Next

Episode 202

feat. Pete Metcalfe

Social Chain: How Social Media Services Grew Into a Profit Priority for Agencies | Pete Metcalfe

Episode 199

feat. Michael Corcoran

Ryanair: The Business Benefits of Being a (Bit of a) Bastard | Michael Corcoran, Ryanair

Episode 197

feat. John Williamson

LinkedIn: Talking Content Marketing for Today’s Workforce | John Williamson, LinkedIn

Episode 195

feat. Marcus Dean

Innocent Drinks: How the Default Example for Social Tone of Voice Retains Its Personality| Marcus Dean, Innocent Drinks

Episode 193

feat. Jake Thompson

Social Chain: The Model That Ends the Creative VS Strategy Debate | Jake Thompson, Social Chain

Episode 191

feat. Bianca Spada

Meta: The Next Five Years for International Advertisers | Bianca Spada, Meta

Episode 189

feat. Samuel Bevan

Snap and Shop: How Snapchat Is Catering For E-commerce as It Grows | Samuel Bevan, Snap Inc

Episode 187

feat. Cat Anderson

The 2022 Sprout Social Index: Exploring Trends for the UK and Ireland | Sprout Social, Cat Anderson

Episode 185

feat. Gareth Turner

Bix on Social: The Online Objective for a Traditional Advertiser | Gareth Turner, Weetabix

Episode 183

feat. Abigail Rogers

Never Caught Sleeping: Why PUMA Puts Moments Before Products on Social | Abigail Rogers, PUMA Group

Episode 181

feat. Leah Silverlock

Don’t Fear the Feedback: Why Reviews Are Your Most Neglected Essential | Leah Silverlock, Trustpilot

Episode 179

feat. Orlando Wood

Get It Right: How Left-Brained Creative Led to the Decline in Advertising Effectiveness | Orlando Wood, System1 Group, IPA

Episode 177

feat. Jerry Daykin

Digital Transformation: How to Level up Your Digital Media, Data, and Performance | Jerry Daykin, GSK

Episode 174

feat. Matthew McNeill Love

Go For Broke: How to Market a New Brand With Next to No Budget | Matthew McNeill Love, Thursday

Episode 171

feat. Zoe Scaman

NFTs Explained: The Tangible Value in Virtual Goods | Zoe Scaman: Bodacious, MCX

Episode 168

feat. Louise Richardson

Pinterest Predicts: The Trends We’ll See in 2022 | Louise Richardson, Pinterest

Episode 167

feat. Greg Rowell

Goal-Getter Brands: SPORF on What Modern Sports Fans Expect | Greg Rowell, Social Chain Media

Episode 164

feat. Claire Hardaker

Don’t feed the trolls: A linguist’s guide to navigating verbal abuse online | Claire Hardaker, Lancaster University

Episode 161

feat. Daniel Bulteel

Say No To Jargon: How Internal Communication Aids External Success | Daniel Bulteel, TikTok

Episode 158

feat. Roxanne Parker

We’re Past Hashtag Challenges: Everything a Smart Paid TikTok Strategy Can Do | Roxanne Parker, Social Chain

Episode 155

feat. Andrew Boulton

The Role of Copywriting: When Writing Goes Beyond Words for Brands | Andrew Boulton

Episode 151

feat. Meridith Rojas

What Creators Want: How to Collaborate With Talent in 2021 | Meridith Rojas, Logitech

Episode 149

feat. Natalie Wills

The Land o’ Plenty: How Fashion Seizes The Cultural Zeitgeist | Natalie Wills, Zalando

Episode 147

feat. Sophie Headlam

Inspiration, Delivered: How Deliveroo Creates Mass Appeal at a Hyper-Local Level | Sophie Headlam, Deliveroo

Episode 145

feat. Cora Güntert & Benjamin Bruno

Entering Hypnopolis: Inside BMW’s Award-winning Fictional Podcast | Cora Güntert (BMW) and Benjamin Bruno

Episode 143

feat. Alex Schillemore & Sarah Hiorns

Stand at Attention: Why the British Army Needs to Be Active On Social Media | Alex Schillemore and Sarah Hiorns, British Army

Episode 140

feat. James Gregson

The Building Blocks of Creativity: How Lego Uses Social to Surprise and Delight | James Gregson, LEGO Group

Episode 139

feat. Monica Hu

Always On Social: How To Craft A Sustainable BAU Strategy | Monica Hu, Twitch

Episode 137

feat. Jack Koch

We-Centric Social: How Online Communities Are Shaping Consumer Behaviour | Jack Koch, Reddit

Episode 135

feat. Alexa Diaz

Promotion Material: Why Netflix Wins At Audience-First Marketing | Alexa Diaz, Netflix

Episode 133

feat. Luke Donovan-King

In Another League: How Esports Is Changing the Game for Social-First Brands | Luke Donovan-King, Guild Esports

Episode 131

feat. Josh Benge

Being Top Dog: How BrewDog Uses Social-First Trends to Inspire New Products | Josh Benge, Brewdog

Episode 129

feat. Kyle Elliot

Changing The Game: How Adidas Balances Exclusivity With Mass Appeal | Kyle Elliot, Adidas

Episode 127

feat. Yulia Aleksandrova & Jackie Klimes

Get On Board: Why Brands Shouldn’t Overlook Pinterest |, Pinterest

Episode 125

feat. Ben Lancaster-Nogueira

Survival of the Savviest: How Threatened Retailers and Banks Can Avoid Irrelevance | Ben Lancaster-Nogueira, Deloitte Digital

Episode 123

feat. Carlo Karim Frem

Make The Dream Work: How Amazon Prime Video Built A Leading Social Team | Carlo Karim Frem, Amazon Prime Video

Episode 122

feat. Theo & Eve

2020 Rewind: Theo and Eve’s Top Picks From the Year on Social Minds

Episode 120

feat. Jason Maldonado

The Best of B2B: Why Data Is The Key To Creating Exciting Campaigns | Jason Maldonado, SurveyMonkey, MailChimp

Episode 118

feat. John Hutchings

Finding Your Funny Bone: Why KFC’s Social Media Marketing Always Hits Headlines | John Hutchings, KFC UK, IRE

Episode 116

feat. Arooj Aftab & Scott Morrison

Done With Diversity: How Businesses Should Actually Fight Inequality | Arooj Aftab, Scott Morrison

Episode 114

feat. Harold Klaje

r/AskReddit: What Opportunities Lay at the Front Page of the Internet? | Harold Klaje, Reddit

Episode 112

feat. Toa Dunn

The Inside Track: How Video Games Created a New Stage for Artists and Brands | Toa Dunn, Riot Music Group, Riot Games

Episode 110

feat. Dom Boyd

The Last Laugh: Has the Advertising Industry Lost Its Funny Bone? | Dom Boyd, Kantar

Episode 108

feat. David Griner

Front Page Ideas: How To Get Adweek’s Attention | David Griner, Adweek

Episode 106

feat. Inam Mahmood & Abi Clarke

Make TikToks Not Ads: How Brands Should Leverage the Platform of 2020 | Inam Mahmood and Abi Clarke, TikTok UK

Episode 104

feat. Roya Zeitoune

Watching the World: What YouTube’s Trending Tab Says About Your Audience | Roya Zeitoune, Youtube, Google

Episode 102

feat. Dr Ysabel Gerrard

Disordered Tech: Is Social Media Responsible for Preventing Suicide and Self-Harm? | Dr Ysabel Gerrard, Facebook Advisory Board

Episode 100

feat. Rahul Titus

Influencing the Future: Why We Have to Future Proof Influencer Marketing Now | Rahul Titus, Ogilvy

Episode 98

feat. David Hill

Lockdown Listens: What COVID-19 Quarantines Did to Podcasting | David Hill, Acast, Spotify

Episode 96

feat. Michael Lee

Talk This Way: Why Oatly’s Approach to Tone of Voice Works | Michael Lee, Oatly

Episode 94

feat. Katrina Cimetta

The Cost of Reach: How Paid Social Managers and Platforms are Meeting Demand | Katrina Cimetta, Ex-Domino’s

Episode 92

feat. Chris Stokel-Walker

How to Be Famous: Decoding the YouTuber Framework | Chris Stokel-Walker

Episode 90

feat. Alice More O'Ferrall & Holly Kay

A Global Call to Action: WWF on Social Media’s Role in Saving the Planet | Alice More O’Ferrall and Holly Kay

Episode 88

feat. Will Scougal

The Innovators Behind AR: Why Snapchat Matters to the Future of Big Tech and Media | Will Scougal, Snap Inc.

Episode 86

feat. John Kyriakou and Jon Slater

The Burden on Brands: Why We Turn To Brands In Times of Crisis | John Kyriakou and Jon Slater

Episode 84

feat. Olivia Downing

A Brief Quarantine: How to Discover Your Creativity in Isolation | Olivia Downing, TBWA

Episode 82

feat. Omar Oakes

Campaign Against COVID-19: The True Impact of a Pandemic on Advertising | Omar Oakes, Campaign Magazine

Episode 80

feat. Chris Williamson

Hacks at Home: How to Stay Motivated and Productive in Isolation | Chris Williamson

Episode 78

feat. Adrian Ma

The Power of PR: What Brands Can Learn From Experts in Shareability | Adrian Ma

Episode 76

feat. Omar Latif

Data’s Dark Side: Deep Fakes and Even Deeper AI Secrets from Silicon Valley | Omar Latif

Episode 74

feat. Tim Donald

Serve Your Purpose: Why Big Brands Are Losing out to Social-First Challengers | Tim Donald

Episode 72

feat. Mark Asquith

All About Podcasts: Tricks to Help You Ideate, Grow and Distribute Your Show | Mark Asquith

Episode 70

feat. Theo Watt & Eve Lily Young

That’s a Wrap: What to Expect from Platforms and Brands in 2020 | Theo and Eve

Episode 69

feat. Craig Oldham

Class Issues in Advertising: Is The Industry Doing Enough? | Craig Oldham

Episode 68

feat. Hannah Anderson

Playing Facebook’s Game: How to Make the Algorithm Work for You | Hannah Anderson

Episode 67

feat. Joe Glover

Get Over Yourself: Why Empathetic People Make the Best Marketers | Joe Glover

Episode 66

feat. Tristan Hotham

Rally For Reform: Social Media Has Democratised Everything—Besides Democracy | Tristan Hotham

Episode 65

feat. Nick Entwistle - One Minute Briefs

The Creative Countdown: Why Instinctive Thinking Births the Best Ideas | Nick Entwistle, One Minute Briefs

Episode 64

feat. Theo & Eve

Breaking Social LIVE: Facebook Is Losing Its Own Competition | Theo and Eve

Episode 63

feat. Alex Hern

Guarding Against Tech: While Facebook Hungers for Power, We Pay the Price | Alex Hern, The Guardian

Episode 62

feat. Oliver Yonchev

Breaking America: How We Moved Our UK Agency Stateside | Oliver Yonchev

Episode 61

feat. Kat Callow

Digital Emancipation: Why The Dark Web Is The Least of Parents’ Worries | Kat Callow

Episode 60

feat. Dilen Pattni & Josh Riddett

Bank of Facebook: The Truth About Libra | Dilen Pattni and Josh Riddett

Episode 59

feat. Theo & Eve

Breaking Social: Why a Solid USP Is the Best Defence Against Facebook

Episode 58

feat. Nicki Bannerman

Front Page News Feed: Is PR Still Relevant in 2019? | Nicki Bannerman

Episode 57

feat. Teresa Heath-Wareing

Magnetic Marketing: Why You Should Preach to the Converted | Teresa Heath-Wareing

Episode 56

feat. McVal Osborne

Much Ado About Data: Separating the Facts from the Fearmongering

Episode 55

feat. Marianne Waite

Disability Is Diversity: How We Can Fix Representation in Advertising | Marianne Waite

Episode 54

feat. Theo & Eve

Breaking Social: Brand Fails, Instagram’s New App and Snap’s AR Gamble

Episode 53

feat. Amy Miller

Threads of Genius: What Fashion Brands Are Doing Better Than You

Episode 52

feat. Neal Schaffer

The Influential 1%: Anyone Can Be An Influencer, But How Many Make It?

Episode 51

feat. Mike Blake-Crawford

Social Anatomy: How To Align Your Strategy With The Platforms’ Game Plan

Episode 50

feat. Roxanne Parker

Break Fresh Ground: Why Student Marketing Matters All Year Round

Episode 49

feat. Nicholas Young

Buck It Up: Are Creative Advertisers Scared of Interesting Ideas?

Episode 48

feat. Theo & Eve

Breaking Social: 3 Things Brands Can Learn From Social Media Companies

Episode 47

feat. Andréa Jones

Giving Brands A Voice: Why Personalities Win On Social

Episode 46

feat. Mark McCulloch

An Appetite For Experience: Why Social Is Food Marketers’ Secret Ingredient

Episode 45

feat. Charlie Perry

Listen Up: What Really Matters When Starting a Podcast

Episode 44

feat. Theo & Eve

Breaking Social: Social Media’s Latest Updates Prove 2019 is the Year of Peer-To-Peer

Episode 43

feat. Ashley Jones

First Impressions Last: Why Now Is the Time to Build Your Personal Brand

Episode 42

feat. Jon Cornwell

Licensing Virality: Understanding the Peaks and Pitfalls of Video’s Democratisation

Episode 41

feat. Katy Leeson

Stay On Target: Where The Real Value Lies In Targeting Audiences on Social

Episode 40

feat. Theo & Eve

Breaking Social: Why Landscape IGTV Is Instagram’s First Failure

Episode 39

feat. Julian Hearn

A Social-First Success: Why Huel Created Its Empire on Facebook Ads

Episode 38

feat. Tom Foster-Carter

The Millennial Mindset: How Culture Is Determining the Success of Start-Ups

Episode 37

feat. Ash Read

Outsmarting Social: What Data Can Really Do For Your Social Media Strategy

Episode 36

feat. Theo and Robin

Earning Cultural Capital: Why Brands Are Moving Underground

Episode 35

feat. Theo & eve

Breaking Social: F8 2019 Reveals The Private Future of Social

Episode 34

feat. James Cross and Tim Jones

Bigger, Better Creative: The BBC’s Defence Against Netflix and YouTube

Episode 33

feat. Lee Wilcox

Niche Value: Why Facebook Still Needs Publishers

Episode 32

feat. Dan Price

Regulation Is Coming: How an Internet Crackdown Will Shape the Next 5 Years of Social

Episode 31

feat. Leo Harrison

Moving In-house: How Agencies Are Adapting To Changing Adland

Episode 30

feat. Theo & Eve

Breaking Social: On Article 13 Controversy, Instagram Checkout and the Fate of TV

Episode 29

feat. Maria McKenzie

Wanderlust in 2019: How Social Media Is Dictating Global Travel Trends

Episode 28

feat. Sam Jones

Time Is Money: Gener8 Ads’ Plan to Bring Value Back to Advertising

Episode 27

feat. Dr Fjola Helgadottir

Antisocial Media: How Social Media Became The Cause and Cure of Social Anxiety

Episode 26

feat. Amy Williams

Social for Good: How Brands and Charities Can Eradicate Badvertising

Episode 25

feat. Theo & Eve

Breaking Social: A Content Crisis, the Secret to Organic Growth and Facebook’s Transparency Paradox

Episode 24

feat. Rob Alderman

The Perfect Pitch: How You Can Make Your CEO Care About Social Media

Episode 23

feat. Anya Du Sauzay

Sounds of Social: Why Emerging Artists Are Becoming Influencers

Episode 22

feat. Xenia Muntean

Content That Works: 3 Principles to Effectively Scale Your Marketing Output

Episode 21

feat. Theo & Eve

Breaking Social: On Mark Zuckerberg’s NYE Resolution, Instagram’s Hypocrisy and THAT Gillette Ad

Episode 20

feat. Mike Blake-Crawford

Moving FWD: What 2019 Will Bring For Users, Platforms and Brands

Episode 19

feat. Lee Benecke

Social Media IRL: Why Experiential Marketing Must Embrace Utility To Survive

Episode 18

feat. Alex Ayin

Rewriting Social Storytelling: How To Engage The Masses In 15 Seconds Or Less

Episode 17

feat. Elizabeth Knights-Ward

An Industry’s Prejudice: Why Social Media Managers Deserve Our Respect

Episode 16

feat. Amplify

The Art Of Influence: Why Today’s Youth Are Rejecting ‘The Influencer’

Episode 15

feat. Nick Speakman

Think Inside The Box: Why Vertical Video Should Be A Priority For Brands

Episode 14

feat. Parry Malm

Just Ad Copy: Why Artificial Intelligence Won’t Kill Copywriting

Episode 13

feat. George MacGill

Turning Social Inside Out: The Top 10 Hacks We’re All Unaware Of

Episode 12

feat. Matt Wilson

Q&A With The ASA: Who Claims Responsibility For Social’s Media?

Episode 11

feat. Oliver Yonchev

Nature, Nurture and Neuroscience: How To Win The Minds of a Generation Who Expect It All

Episode 10

feat. Kat Callow

See It, Scan It, Buy It: How AR Will Shape E-Commerce in 2019 and Beyond

Episode 9

feat. Richard Johnson

When Sponsorship Meets Sport: How Brands Can Engage The Next Generation of Fans

Episode 8

feat. Steven Bartlett

A CEO’s Burden: Predicting The Unpredictable Future Of Technology

Episode 7

feat. Mike Blake-Crawford

Understanding Meaningful Engagement: What Facebook Isn’t Telling You

Episode 6

feat. Syd Lawrence

Bots Are No Silver Bullet: Why Marketers Must Manage Their Tech Expectations

Episode 5

feat. Simon Gunning

The New Face of Charity: How No-Nonsense Advertising Is Saving Lives

Episode 4

feat. Tom Peters

Influencer Fraud Explained: The Questions Brands Should Be Asking

Episode 3

feat. Chris Williamson

Social Equity and the Student Night Out: An Events Marketer’s Secret To Survival

Episode 2

feat. Jason Spencer

Love Island Exposed: How One Show Ended the War Between TV and Tech

Episode 1

feat. Joe Harper

Tackling Cynical Britain: How Brands Can Combat Distrust Among the UK Consumer